Dental Trauma

  • » What should I do if my child falls on his/her face or hits his/her mouth?
    • Dental traumatisms are one of the main causes of dental attention and real dental emergencies. Although their causes vary, falls are frequent when babies are learning how to walk, because they don't coordinate their movements yet, as well as during the stages when children learn how to ride a bicycle and/or activities of greater contact increase

  • » There are certain factors that predispose dental fractures and facial tissue lacerations. Some of the main ones are
    • Children with protruded incisive teeth and incorrect lip closure that does not protect the teeth at the moment of the hit.

      Convulsive disorders (epilepsy), deafness and blindness.
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  • » What must parents know?
    • That a dentist must evaluate every traumatism in the face clinically and/or radiographically in order to discard major injuries in both soft and hard tissues of the mouth.

      That the time between the accident and the visit to the dentist must be as short as possible (two hours maximum).

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  • » Our recommendations in case your child has a possible traumatism are
    • Get in touch with your paediatric dentist immediately, no matter what time it is. Time is critical for the prognosis.

      In case a tooth gets fractured or knocked out, always try to recover it and transport it to the dentist in milk. If not available, it can be transported in serum or inside the mouth.

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