Diet For Children

Breast milk is not so sweet, why encourage them to like refined sugar and develop the sweet craving when they are still so young?

Balanced diet: A balanced diet is critical not only to avoid diseases of the mouth but also for the general health of both the mother and the baby.
Food pyramid:

Snacking habits: kids are known to be snack lovers and also the frequency of their food eating makes the parent sometimes give them easy to eat snacks….most frequently buiscuits and chips and cookies ready fruit juices etc  which are highly cariogenic

Diet diary : maintain a diet diary for your child. Fill it earnestly. You will be surprised at the number of times the child can be exposed to foods that can cause cavities. It will also help you make healthy choices for snacking habits

Chocolate bank: a simple way to control sugar intake. Introduce a chocolate piggy bank concept for kids. Ask them to deposit all the chocolates , buiscuits and wafers which the kid would eat throughout the week in the piggy bank……and on Sunday have a feast from the piggy bank. The benefit goes a long way in reducing the sugar attack on the teeth, cavities, and learning healthy food habits.