First Visit To The Paediatric Dentist

Why must babies visit the paediatric dentist before their first birthday? Over the last decades, though dentistry has radically changed, the occurence of dental caries hasn’t changed much in India. Teeth start erupting in a baby’s mouth from 6 -8 months of age. …teeth erupting chart…
But, how to take care of children’s teeth, what foods are good for the general as well as dental health, what causes caries in children, what are its effects on the permanent teeth are questions for which most of the parents don’t have a clue and are often misguided or have misconceptions.

The paediatric dentist has the opportunity to analyze and control the risk factors of the disease before it appears, and not just limit to giving an immediate solution.

  • » To keep a healthy mouth from childhood to adult life, we recommend
    • Visit the paediatric dentist before your baby turns one year old. If possible, look for a clinic that is specialized in dentistry for babies (dental home)Read More