Imagine your children never having to go through a toothache, a dental anaesthesia or a bad experience at the dentist ?
Today caries is a controllable disease, if the risk factors that cause it are detected. New generations should not have to go through what their parents went through at the dentist… Dentistry is changing and each time more dentists firmly believe that it is better to prevent than to cure. To accomplish this goal we must start very early.

You may recall your childhood visits with anxiety or perhaps fears. Many people continue to dread dental visits as adults and avoid them as far as possible, to their own detriment. Fortunately, dental medicine has progressed extensively over the years. Your kids can benefit from new techniques, tools, materials in a reassuring environment, with minimal pain and discomfort. Infact, kids take it as a fun and enjoyable experience. Even our staff enjoys with children and knows how to work with them and ensure successful dental treatment for them.

Kids who have pleasant dental appointments when they are young are more likely to have a favourable outlook towards dental care throughout life. The initial appointments are very important in their attitude formation.

We at Family Dental Clinic, invite you to develop a positive and preventive attitude towards dental health in your child. Come and experience the difference in the ease with which we deal with children.

  • As a parent you can be instrumental in encouraging a positive attitude in your kid towards dental care. We can understand your apprehension in the initial visits, but please do not let your child see your anxiety. Your child will sense that you are worried and will presume that there is a reason for fear.

  • A useful contribution you can make is to prepare your child for his/her first visit to the dentist.

  • Let it not come as a surprise.

  • Try and prepare your kid to expect a new experience that will excite him/her. This approach enables kids to view their dental visit as an opportunity to meet some new people who want to help them stay healthy.

  • Explain to your kid in an easy going manner, that the dentist will have a look at their teeth, count them, teach them how to keep the teeth clean and perhaps even take some pictures of the teeth.

  • Be prepared for what to expect, for most kids this will be an interesting and even happy occasion.

  • Never threaten them about dentists and dental procedures and injections.

    Your cooperation will go a long way in your child enjoying a pleasant and successful dental experience.